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Cool weekend. Yet again in fact.

Drum and Bass Halloween parties on Saturday. The first, was done by the Polar Red crew (South London) at Jacks, in Harrogate of all places. A Female DJ called Pixie took the headline spot, supported by DJ Who and a bit of MCing by George.

After a bit of time there, I went across to Ripon with Al, as we had previously installed a massive 3k rig into a bar called Labrusca. Labrusca had a slightly Dutch feel to it – split on 3 levels and the interesting history is that it used to be a toy shop! Al’s rig performed… and then some.. On our way to the event, we heard it – about 40m away, a steady boom. As we approached, 2 lads bailed out saying “I think my ears are bleeding”. I’m soooo glad I took earplugs (and yes – I’m getting old!).

So – after that, we went to an after party back in Harrogate. Still a fair few fancy dress people out and about and the crew from the Harrogate party, along with assorted peeps ensured an interesting and fun party.

So – all in all – a great night that was. Met some lovely people and listened to some good choons. The music in Ripon was slightly tarnished (in my humble opinion) by the MC, who’s ‘without pause’ style and distorted / weak microphone did my head in a bit.

Last night I did a gig at a new night called Spent. This night has just moved to Revolution in Harrogate from BRB in Harrogate. The night had a good turn out and a good vibe to it. Nice mellow grooves. And I was going to have a quite one. Funny old world.

Photo’s from the weekend here :

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