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Well – had a top weekend.. (is that 3 in a row now?)

Started out on Thursday really, when we had a mate round for dinner, that turned into a late one.

Friday lunchtime I started helped my mate Al set up for a 9 piece live Acid Jazz band. Here is said mate and our impressive array of buttons and twiddly things.

They (‘Kanopus’)were cool as was the sound and atmosphere. Good on em- they did it all for a charity – some school is getting built in Africa thanks to them. Some photos of the band here.

Saturday involved breaking down afore mentioned gig, then we went to Jamie and Helen’s engagement party. They had hired out a scout complex near Thornthwaite. Great idea – top venue. It’s got 40 bunks and loads of camping space with big firepits and is set in idyllic tolkinesque picturesque surroundings. A big main hall got transformed into a gig venue where 3 bands played followed by DJ’s. Here we see Jamie (the groom to be) enjoying the ‘out of retirement for one night’ rocksters ‘Ozone Baby’

We spent most of the night outside by ‘the drumming fire’. I played a load of didge and drum. Top fun.

Today, I’ve got myself a new winter coat. A massive parker or ‘snorkel jacket’. Like the one I spent the first 12 years of my life in. Cold winter ? … Bring it on.

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