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DragonDrop shirts…

as seen on TV !

When we were in India, I left a DD shirt, in the capable hands of a chap we met out there called Jim. He wore it to the India v Australia cricket match and some how became a sort of lucky mascot, witnessed by thousands if not millions!

Here are some extracts from his email…

“As we marched round the ground leading the cheers, thousands of people are climbing over each other to shake my hand, pat my back and kiss me on the cheek. People are even handing me their children and having their photos taken with me like I’m some sort of foreign dignitary. … . Then I stand bemused as I watch the cheerleaders lead a group of around 5,000 Indians (I shit you not) chanting over and over again “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jimmer is a Superstar”… . … PS. If they show the game on Sky, have a look, apparently the camera keeps showing us. “

If anyone does sees DragonDrop shirt on the small screen, or even better, gets a screen shot, please please let me know!

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