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The weekends round up..

I was working in Cheshire on Friday, as a sort of Roadie. On the way back in, we stopped off at the cinnamon rooms in Harrogate – I believe this to be the best curry house in town at the moment.

Saturday I played at my old mate’s (DJ Dharma’s) 40th Birthday (Happy birthday you old hippy!). His goodly woman had organised the whole thing and a top job she did. She decided to theme it as an orange party. (Which I found out after getting there!) A room full of happy orange people. There was a man in an orange dress. You don’t see that every day (Unless you are a hare Krishna I guess).

When Eirene came down later on, she brought me an orange shirt. Ended up at an orange after party and had a great time with smashing orangy bits.

On the way home I noticed something. The red line trolley border was IN FULL FORCE. What do I mean? About a week ago, we noticed that our local supermarket ASDA, (Short for the Associated dairies don’t you know) had put red markings on the 4 paths exits leading away from the place. These lines were accompanied by a sign “trolleys that cross over this line will stop automatically).

There must have been about 20 trolleys near this exit. Some, near another exit had been beaten up a bit and someone had tried to get “the device” that must house the automatic break off. It seems that a few good trolleys must be sacrificed for the good of the populous. Clever idea though – must save supermarkets a load of cash in man hours as well as replacement cost – I heard that one supermarket trolley costs £80+ to replace. It’s better for the environment etc. (how many times have you seen a tolley in a river, canal or field?) but I do feel that ASDA now have more of an obligation to keep the paths clear of dead trolleys!

So – last night I played at what is turning out to be a fabulouse evening – SPENT. Last night featured me on’t percussion, Mark Holland and John Hebden behind the decks.

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