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Again business has kept m away from writing up what’s been happening.

So – the weekend we went across the Pennines to Manchester to have a look at Boom Selection.

Saturday – me old mate osymyso was playing alongside the marvellous DJ food , Poj Master and Eddy Temple Morris (and a few other talented folk besides – check out the main link). If it’s an entertaining night you are after then these chaps will not do you wrong. Mashed up bootleg stuff was played to an unsuspecting crowd. They remained fairly unsuspecting throughout most of the gig but I think even the most unsuspecting were smiling to the bootleg breakbeat mashed bouillabaisse of music.

The night was utterly let down in my opinion by the venue. The Dry Bar, once a respected venue that respected music, now seems to be a venue that couldn’t give a monkeys as long as the punters were there, drinking. 2 main things stood out – the PA – or lack of it was one of the worst I’ve heard. It popped halfway through osymyso’s set and was never the same again. The second – the security – terrible! A fight broke out in front of us and (normally a cue for the security staff to move in). They bouncers stood and watched it diffused itself. It broke out again with the same reaction not once, but twice. The offending parties eventually escorted themselves out. Little did we know but apparently it got really heavy after this and the Manchester tactical ops cops had to come and calm it down outside. Tisk. Still – a good night was had – caught up with old friends met some really pro-active imaginative people and even a relative popped in (Hello Tristan!) to cap the nights interestiness off nicely. Got badly lost on the way home. Ended up in Stockport at closing time. Wobbly people staggering in front of the car like it’s my fault. Tisk again.

Sunday – played at Spent – again – a top event – really enjoyed playing this one (on’t congas) mainly thanks to the luxury of having my own monitor!

Here are some photo’s from the weekend.

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