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Happy New Year!

May this year be full of happiness and adventure.

Still feeling rather flat after a superb NYE. A great night indeed. Went to a few bars – BRB was cool – Paul Quinlan and his friends were throwing a party upstairs with 20/20 sound, Tom Taylor, and a few others. Good deco – my fish tank DVD got some more air-time there. Next we went to Blues Bar – in past years this has been one of the best and most hedonistic venues in Harrogate but not this year – it was quite.. well.. Radio 2 ? – perhaps we just picked the wrong time. A quick pint in Crabtrees – this place is like a time warp at the moment – it’s like the Arms, or Franks was a few years ago – same faces. By this point in the evening it was snowing heavily. We decided upon a mission of getting to a party by midnight. A cry for help went out because the amp that was powering the decks and speakers had blown. (It was the second of the evening!) A half hour trek through the blizzard across the stray and we were there. A load of the nicest people in town were there and we had a super nice time until we left around 06:00 to get home in time for the boys getting up.

So – New Years resolutions ? nope – I was not inspired. I think I’ll de-tox for a bit though. Been burning the candle at both ends a bit much so I think we will hibernate through January. Our new telly should help with that cause.

I was looking through the blogs I made last year – interesting to see the highlights I made of 2002. I think the main highlights for 2003 were:

* Borrowing Daves S3 for a few weeks

* Lord of the Rings

* Eirene’s ever changing hair (this time last year she had blond dreads!)

* DragonDrop’s 1st birthday party

* Loads of camping in humbrum

* Simon’s stag weekend

* Garden Parties at Mark and Vicks

* Gran Tourismo 3

* Phonecams

* Adventure to Turkey (more pics)

* Starting my own company

* The Sunday Sessions

* New hall carpet

* The day Felix learned how to ride a bike

* Second Life

* Adventure to India

* Fire and

Fire II

* Christmas and NYE

* Countless nice people, parties and gigs.

All in all – a top year – right – what’s next then ?

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