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Not much happening round these parts. Been getting back into the swing of things – had loads of work flooding in – nice start to the new year 🙂

Started planning for FIRE III (what’s fire? – it’s a DragonDrop party – see here for photo’s of fire II). Got a meeting with the relevant tomorrow to discuss dates etc.

I’ve recently discovered a new (internet available) radio station. Resonance FM. It’s an off the wall mish mash of stuff “London’s first radio art station” is how they bill it – worth a listen. – with a few interesting interviews and comments to boot. I’m listening now – the DJ John Wynne just announced his first set of the new year and said about his show “It’s the kind of dance music that makes you want to sit down.” I like that.

The whole station reminds me of one of my all time favorites Radio 100 – a Amsterdam based station that we got into when we lived out there. Even more mashed up. I love it. Right. Back to doing something else.. Now where was I ?… .

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