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GRRR! I’m vexed. I’ve just tried to repair my camcorder, a JVC GR DVL 150 with a spare part called a zoom unit that took me ages to track down and cost me £30. I broke the new piece in exactly the same place as the original piece broke. There is a flimsy join on the unit, about 1mm² (that takes the strain every time twist the mode dial from off to on) that snapped again as I was putting it back together. Admittedly it was a budget range digital camcorder but this seems a major design floor. Is it one of those things that they design in on purpose to ensure a limited life span of said electrical “goods” or just a design oversight? At the moment, I’m favoring the former. On top of that, I had to spend £7 on a precision screwdriver set to work on the camcorder. I was really hoping to get into some abstract filming to be played on monitors and projectors etc. at gigs. That inspiration will have to wait a while now, or be re-thunk.

Swimming Prior to my GRRR incident, we had a great day. Started out at the Blues bar with a full on Blues English breakfast. This has got to be the best breakfast in town at the moment. (Please let me know if you know better!) Popped into bar med to collect something then went to Water World at Monks Cross near York. This place was ace! They have this think called a lazy river that is a circular route round the superbly designed pool complex that has a current. You can just float and the current takes you on a trip round the main pools. As well as that, they have a wave machine and 3 flumes. Felix and I climed the stairs to the top then poor wee man froze with fear when we got to the top and refused to go down. I was not allowed to go down with him due to safety reasons so we sheepishly had to go down the passages and steps to ground level again. Maybe next time. After that we went for a happy meal and drove home.

Last night Eirene and I went out with some old mates for some drinks. Crabtrees, which is almost identical to Franks bar was about 10 years ago was the starting station. After this we went to revolution for some coctails (Rasputins – very nice) then Bar Med. DJ Trev was rocking the floor upstairs and Girl Alix was grooving the VIP lounge downstairs. Cracking venue this place is shaping up to be. Bar Med is poised for a re-launch. On the menu will be new lights, sound, deco and even a state-of-the-art laser is on the cards for the re-opening (30th Jan). The venue seems to be finally shaking it’s ‘towny’ image and in my opinion is set to be the best big venue in town. I can’t wait to see the laser…. Speaking of Bar Med, DragonDrop’s FIRE III party will be on Feb 1st 2004 at said place. Bring it on!

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