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Just been watching this program about the Dutch with Jeremy Clarkson (he was presenting it, not sharing the sofa with me you understand). He’s been speaking to this guy who’s got a fantastic hobby website. The main jist of it is recording speed cams. Their location, and a record of some of the abuse they receive. Not only are they set on fire (and photographed, and sent to this website) but painted, filled with insulation foam – sprayed and even wrapped in wrapping paper :

One of the other things this guy does is to hunt the hunters! – His car is rigged up with a stack of radar detection devices. First, he tracks down the radar cops hidey hole or rigged unmanned car (cloggy cops can be very sneaky.). Next, he puts a cardboard sign upstream of the traffic, warning coming motorists of the radar risk, then he drives up to the radar police and photographs them into a submission (guess where these photo’s end up). Nice work! Here’s a link.

Tuf-tuf Club (English Version) Check out the “Killed Gasto’s” link. Also check out this page – look at the photo at the top before scrolling down.. “This lady is really panicing. But what for Christ sake happened that made her so upset?

Then scroll down. Notice anything unusual ? Yes – David Blaine is an ‘innocent onlooker’. Shazaam.

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