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Hello, I thought tonight would be the perfect excuse to restart my blogg relationship. My reason being that this evening I have been to my first rehearsal for a musical I am taking part in. Don’t ask me the name all I know is that it is a gangster musical set in the 20’s on a boat. I am playing an angel one of four that play back up to Reno a cabaret singer. Well it is all very interesting and tonight I discovered that although singing alto suits my voice it is very difficult to maintain as the tune you can hear being sung is soprano and not even close to the notes I should be using. But I am sure it will all become easier as time progress’s. How I became part of this step from my normal life is simply I spotted an advert in the Harrogate advertiser requesting parties interested in acting to come along to an audition which happened to be last Monday. As the masochistic part of me forces me to do things that really scare me I went along to find that not only was it musical but I also had to audition properly in front of three adjudicators (one of who looks like Simon off pop idol which threw me even further). Because I had no idea of the score or the cast they made me do scales (evil evil) then a dance sequence (not so bad I thank my days of clubbing for nimble footery). Then I left into the dark winter’s night never expecting to hear another word except their laughter ringing. So imagine my surprise when I got a phone call the next day to inform me I had a part and rehearsals started next week. And I am also going to learn to tap dance. Maybe I can incorporate into my fire poi routine 😉 I am sure I will keep you all informed on how it is going or at least Matt will. On a more normal note am taking Jaygo swimming tomorrow. His speech is coming on really well but he hasn’t quite mastered the intricacies of swimming pool. To him it is the weee poooo and he goes on a toooosday…. bless.


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