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The kids and I left the house early this morning on a mission. The sky was blue and the air was warm. Then I remembered that in Ireland today is St Bridget day the first day of spring. So warm days, budding flowers and the fresh start that spring brings is what we have to look forward to. I wrote this poem it really sums up what this season is to me and how I feel that new year shouldn’t start in January the dead of winter but as soon the first buds appear. I hope u enjoy;)

Bubble Poised,

All standing still,


Waiting to burst into Spring.

Soft colors replacing the brown,

Rainbows spreading over the green,

Light erasing the dullness of winter ,

It’s harsh frown lines easing into the slow smile of summer coming.

Stepping out into the warmth,

The smell of the ground radiating its new life,

New beginning,

New hope ,

Of what is to come.

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