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What a weekend ! Two Barry Whiter (All nighters) and a Leo Sayer (All dayer). Friday – did a gig with Dharma – a 21st private party. Quite a reserved crowd. After that, we went to Tal’s birthday party. This was great. Beautiful house, grand piano in the front window which Alex was playing when we arrived. Few beers, nice chats then home.

Saturday was ace. pottered around during the day then went out to Thai at the Harrogate Arms. A new restaurant – fantastic food, great atmosphere and they made Eirene’s birthday celebratory meal a fantastic time. The food was such a treat – I could eat it all again now.

Eirene and her exploding cake!

After that, we went to a superb party at Fi and Ian’s. There were 4 birthday revellers and all their friends there, the decks were out in the cellar and the music was pumping. Very nice collection of individuals. So – we partied till dawn, then I went home to collect the kids! (and relieve the babysitter) Dressed in Tigger suits, we tramped down to the party (just around the corner from home). The party was still going and it was great to show the kids. They loved it. The UV light and strobe was quite a new one on them, as were glow sticks! Fi and Ian’s kids were up and about by then so the 4 of them played happily all day. The boys and I got a fire staff for Eirene birthday. Eirene’s happy birthday indeed. We turned it into a kids party, had some lunch and carried on. Alfie, the new baby got dressed up in a tigger suit as well and it was the cutest thing to see all the tigger cubs playing together.


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