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Had 9 round our table for Sunday Lunch yesterday. Needed a good feed to recoup engergy after top night of celebrating my friends new baba the night before. So – kids and drums and photos and chats and beers and wine and the most amazing bit of lamb. After this lot, I rolled about for a bit, helped Eirene put the most wingy Felix ever to bed (hope you are reading this in years to come mate ;)) before heading out to play at spent.

Looking forward if not slightly scared to next weekend..

Friday, Bar Med (Main room) is hosting Scapegoat Kelly live on stage and I’m guesting on the congas. Saturday is cabbage. I’ve not been to one yet this year. Next month System 7 are playing so looking more forward to that but I’ll try and get to this one. Sunday ? Well – Sunday is the big one for me.


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Fire IV – next Sunday

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