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Just been enjoying a bag of Seabrook S ‘n’ V’s and a mini peperami (no, they most certainly not too spice for me) washed down with a massive glass of ribena (non tooth kind original verity) when Eirene spotted something that did not compute:

What is that all about ? Is it something to do with a reduction process or such like, or has someone been having a kip in the proofing department ? Any ideas ?

So other highlights of my first night off/in in ages (other than scanning spiced meat snack packets- rock and roll), I’ve been watching a new show on the telly called Catterick. This is where I was born so my ears pricked up – it’s Vic and Bob being funny and fresh again. Hurrah. Also starring Matt Lucas (Little Britain & ‘Great big baby’ in Shooting Stars fame) who is also very good. The idiosyncratic characterisation of the characters is superb. Especially the ‘American Eagle’. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but fans of League of Gentlemen, Reeves and Mortimer and that sort of thing should find it a right old tin bath.

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