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Had a nice weekend so far. Well – since last blog, Thursday went to a band practice with scapegoat kelly, then to the big gig with them on Friday at Bar Med. Busier than most expected, and the impression I got was that it went down well. It’s really nice to be playing in a proper band set up again – not that I dislike playing along side DJ’s but the element of freedom and expression that you can only get playing live with other people playing live is superb.

Saturday, I drove up to a friends house in’t Dales (giving someone a lift home) and saw them there hills with snow on them and they look very pretty. Took a couple of nice photo’s.When I got back, I met Eirene and the kids round at Finlays 2nd birthday. Much cake a sweets eating was to be done. After that we went to the grand opening of Col and Sara’s new shop – “Hobgoblin. This shop is great – they have done so well. It’s like a mini Glastonbury Festival in Harrogate (without the smell).Cool clothes and gifts and stuff all matching their “Dare to be different” brand value.

After that, Eirene and I and a couple of friends settled down to a night of fine curry from the cinnamon room Indian cuisine restaurant in Harrogate, and a DVD – the Pirates of the Caribbean. Resting up for ‘the big one’ tonight.

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