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Cool day. Did some chunks of work, recovered from an pub based extended meeting. I like meetings in pubs. You seem to get a lot more done that you do in an office / meeting room.

Got a good email from me old mate Dave who’s currently chillin just north of Perth, after an amazing sounding adventure through India, Nepal, Thailand, now Western Australia contemplating which vehicle is most suitable for the long trek ahead over the top of Australia to Cairns via Broome. Pop top Landcruiser or camper dilemma. Tough call. If I were headed that far north and I could afford it I’d go for the cruiser. Is it not cheaper to hire?. What ever the vehicle, it’ll be covered in dirt and bugs like the rest of em before too long. Anyway – keep in touch suit en route.

Well – we’ve just (well Eirene just) transformed the downstairs into a different space by moving a few sofas and tables and the like around. It’s looking nice. Roomy.

Well – I reckon it’s speep O’clock.

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