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Cool weekend. We went to see Skapegoat Kelly play at the Blues Bar Harrogate last night – they were knock out! I think it’s their fifth gig (as scapegoat – who knows how many gigs they would have accumulated in their separate ventures) and they already have a great following. Them and ‘La Sangras’ have got to be my fave bands in town at the moment. Ended up in Bar Med – hung out in the VIP and had a couple of beers and natters before heading home. Got a shout this morning for a job getting a load of stage equipment sorted, ready for a big conference that I’m working on next week. Amidst all that, I’ve reformatted my main PC and it’s behaving really well again. Once I’ve got fireworks re-installed I’ll try and stick a photo or 2 of last nights shenanigans.

Currently watching The Blue Planet on the new channel UKTV documentary, it’s the one from deep deep down at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Amazing stuff.

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