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Just finished the job on the conference that I’ve been on about in the last few posts. The part engineer, part roadie work is fun, and the rest of the crew are all fun to work with, but I must say that I prefer this roll when the end game is for music rather than conferences. At least all the effort is rewarded with some music and beers. Still – managed to get some drumming in today ! There was an African Drumming workshop on that I’d heard about so my drum homing beacon kicked in and low and behold I found a job that needed doing in that very room! Nice.

We went to watch calendar Girls last night (at the centre – they were playing it in the main auditorium for the delegates). Nice film. Mostly filmed round places I know and my mates mum was in it! After that we went out for a couple of geniuses to celebrate paddies nights. Saw some traditional Irish fiddly folk at the Iron Duke followed by having a look in at Bar Med to see my mate cloudbass playing his Wednesday night DJ set. And that was the day that was.

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