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So, as promised, a few snaps and words about the bonkers Easter weekend that’s just been.


Did a gig at Cardinal Sins nightclub for a 21st birthday party. All was going well, we had just set up and sound checked… then a power cut happened. The power was off for about 45 mins, when the manager decided to shut the club after hearing it could be a further 2 hours before it was back online. Hundreds of party people, several artists and gallons of beer all had to think of something else to do. I packed up my kit and loaded the congamobile. Just then (about 11:20) the power came back on – quickly I set up it turned into a really cool party!. drummingtime – 3hours


Played at Fluid at Bar Med Harrogate. A very enjoyable evening – played with Dharma, the place got busy and we had a larf. The stage area was busy – as well as me and the DJ, there were a couple of professional dancers. Dharma’ set was cool – from funk’d up stuff into house music. Here’s a shot of some friends towards the end of the night.. drummingtime – 3.5hours


After being blessed with a well needed lie in, I got up and went to Newby Hall to do a drum workshop for loads of kids. I tried to structure things, but then decided that what they really wanted (the kids) was to let off a little steam and thrash some drums, which I encouraged! The parents looked quite happy with the idea (their ‘little jonny; would sleep well tonight’) Other activities at this bank holiday eggstraveganzza included face painting which Eirene did all of – she painted about 60+ kids faces. There was a treasure trail with loads of friends dressed up as things like red riding hood, troll, the green lady and statue and stuff like that, all giving clues to the next point in the trail. Great day – great feed back – very rewarding thing to be putting a smile on a kids face. drummingtime – 2 hours

On Sunday night, I had a gig at a large pub called Edwards. This was odd but good – I don’t think the DJ or the crowd were expecting me, but as it turned out, they seemed to love it to bits and I had some great feedback.drummingtime – 1.25 hours

After that I went up to a part at “the shed” near Ripon. About 30 – 40 people were there, and a full band kit including a drum kit. Some of the regions top musicians were there which lead to a great jam and some great music. Of course – I had to join in. Had a really good session on the kit. Much fun, ended up leaving about 3 ish. Here’s a piccy of a friend playing with FIRE huraah. drummingtime – 2 hours

All in all a top weekend with many surprises and a near record weekend to drum ratio weighing in at an 11 hours 45 mins estimate.

The only downside to the weekend was me squishing a rabbit after the shed party. I dedicate this blog to the memory of that very rabbit. RIP bright eyes.

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