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Last night it was FIRE VI – what a night ! the best fire yet.. I find myself asking “how could i possibly get better” after each of the last few fire parties, and mid gig I think… Ahh – tha’ts how!. Many thanks to all the happy folk who visited our fire.

Here are some pics.

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So after Fire, we had a bit of kip then went into break down. Thoughts turned to food, so the remaining crew piled down to the Blues Bar for a slap up fry up. Seconds before food arrived, I had a call from Eirene, a family crisis! Felix had a pea stuck in his ear, so I shot off at great speed to rendez vous and go to the hospital. The doctor got it out OK. Apparently, Felix had kept it a secret, then in ASDA, Eirene noticed he was shouting (more than usual!) and said “Felix, can you hear OK?”… “Not really Mama”…. “why?”… “because I’ve got a pea stuck in my ear”. And the next bits you know about!

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