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The Name Our Van thing is going well – getting some good / funny / strange suggestions.

Blogger (the engine that drives a lot of DragonDrop) has just gone and re-skinned. It’s looking good! Well done blogger.

Nice weekend. A lot saner and calmer than last weekend. Did a gig Saturday night(Fluid) then on Sunday we went for a drive in the van with no name up to Clapham, after hearing about this festival they were throwing there to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s nice up there! Made me proud to be Yorkshire. We were trying to get to a thing called an illuminarium that they had built atop a hill. Alas we missed it but we caught up with the crew and they told us the web address – – and told us that they are putting it up next in Manchester on June the 4th. Looks like a really cool project. After that we went on a really nice walk down the valley and through the village.

Took this photo en route.

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