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I’ve just had a very busy few days (again).

Since last Wednesday, I joined Dalmation Kebab at the blues bar – a superb collection of musicians who played Jazz classics with a modern day twist. There were a few new numbers in there, but things like a buzzed up version of cantaloupe really got the crowd (and I) transfixed in the music. The synergy between all the players (2 x Sax, Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Drum kit player and percussion) was amazing. Pin point precision breaks and riffs. I REALLY enjoyed that gig. I’ll keep DragonDrop posted of future gigs.

Saturday, did a little work, then we went up to a little spot by a stream near West End with a friend and their kids. Here’s a little place just down stream from where we were hanging out..

The last time I was there was winter.

After that I drove to Skipton, to do a gig at ‘Bliss’ with a DJ called Mark Murray. Blimey! They like it fast out there. A mix of R&B then bang into steaming hard house. 120bpm hip hop meets R&B into 160bpm bouncy stuff. Friendly crew, up for it punters. It’s quite a strange club – it’s huge (about 1460 cap) and yet has no clubs for miles around, so there’s not that healthy competition thing that seems to keep the rest of clubland moving.

Sunday, chilled out at a mates BBQ and had a full on meat fest. Had a night off! Yesterday, a full day back on the grindstone after a ‘bitty’ week last week due to project jacuzzi in the bathroom (ongoing – I hope to be clean again later this week).

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