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What a great weekend!

Got our new bath up and running on Thursday.Double Jacuzzi Bling Bath.

Friday night I stayed in and re built my computer.

Saturday, I went to play at FLUID with Dharma. The hot day put a smile on everyone’s face and after a quick round in monteys with the DJ’s that play the VIP room at Fluid, I headed for Bar Med. It was ace the fact that it was so light until about 10 pm. Got in form that around 4am after popping over to a friends house for a small gathering. Sunday – I was up and at it by 10, and our main mission of the day was to go over to a friend who lives out near Grassington (up in’t Dales) A birthday (happy birthday Ben!) merged with a re-union of a group of friends who have been apart for ages – days before some one was in France, one in Australia. Some amazing food including a superb side of local lamb, some fish, that had been caught from the river the night before – some of the best trout I’ve ever tasted. We all sat round, told out tales, let the kids run wild – what a great afternoon. Just one good mate conspicuous by his absence – Dave. The traveling salesman.

The best thing about the place we were (apart from the top bunch of people we were with) is the view. I’ve tried to make a panorama – this is about 180deg and does not do it justice…

Click pic to see it.

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