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hello. Had a fantastic night last night. It started of at rehersal for the musical Anything Goes which is running from the 08 June till the 12 June. Everyone was in a top mood and getting their lines and moves right. Then it was straight home and out to see Las Sangras play at Bar Med. I have only seen them play once before at Jamie and Helen’s engagement do and they rocked the place. Last night they didn’t disappoint. The band is full of charisma and create such a beguiling eccentric yet accesiable sound that it completely draws you in. Then it was off to BRB to catch the end of Matt’s conga set playing along with Niel Jaques and Brett Weatherhead. Nice deep house and lots of happy people. Then off in Deano’s new 4×4 to Leeds to Oslo bar a first for me. Tom Soya was giving it large. The layout of the place was great. Generously rounded plastered walls gave it an underground cave like feel and around every corner were hidden seating areas giving the whole place a really nice intimate exclusive air. And before I had time to get bored it was back in the car and home to get some sleep and begin the build up to Fire. Hurrah can’t wait 😉


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