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a really nice weekend has just been and gone. Especially yesterday. After staying in on Friday, Saturday, I got up and cleared the back yard with 3 tip runs in both vans after the debris caused by knocking our bathroom about over the last few weeks then did a gig at Bar Med with DJ Dharma. Twas a good night, the best night I’ve had there in ages (apart from FIRE nights!). Someone fed Eirene Vodka Red Bull – a bad move unless you want a 26 year old 5 year old on your hands for the night! 😉 Sunday morning, got up and went to the fair for a bit. Dodgems are still the best thing going, Ghost train is naff. After that we went round to some friends for a BBQ. I ended up having a bit of a doze and the boys joined me for a sleep. This morning, I unpacked my camera and discovered 2 things – one, someone had taken photo of us and secondly, someone had drawn a smily face on my ankle!

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