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Thanks to Luke for sending this in:

Sums it up nicely

“early goal – YAY

rubbish england team – Boo

rubbish ref – Boo

Ronaldo getting kicked – YAy

Portugezers crying for no reason – YAY (what was that about)

Eusebio wandering onto pitchside – Pitch invasion YAY

Portugal Goal – Boo

LONG BALL – AVE IT, perfect English Football (Boo)

Injury to rooney – BOO

Last minute winning goal disallowed – YAAAAAAAAAAY then BOO

rubbish half of extra time – boo

goal by geezers – boo

the fear that the silver goal turns into golden goal – BOO

realization that silver goal is still silver goal – YAY

Last minute goal – YAY

Penalties – boo, boo, yay, boo, yay, yay, boo,yay,boo,yay,boo,yay,boo,yay,boo,yay,boo,boo,boooo

Kid Crying at end – YAY erm, boo

walking home to hear scallys blaming referee and old man shouting at them – yay

Mate giving england top to tramp – yay”

So back to the real world, I’m playing at ‘community’ tonight at BRB in Harrogate. (Is it really a month since I played there last??)

Getting excited for


on Sunday. Yay.

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Oh and thanks to Ben for sending this in! It’s the website for last nights ‘referee’… “complete with Feedback section and his email address!!!!!

Urs Meier | Swiss Referee

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