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The Nige Harrison album launch party was fun. His new site is live now as well – here.

Last night I went to band practice to polish up for the gig on Friday. Even though the trumpet player wasn’t there (2 x sax, guitar, bass drums and percussion in attendance) I can blow our own trumpet a bit and say that we sounded great. We rehearsed at Bar Med – it’s the first time that a live band has performed in the VIP lounge there – the acoustics are fantastic. By the end of it we had a small audience enjoying our stuff – a bunch of DJ’s (friends and friends of friends from Leeds, Harrogate, Paris and London – what a mix!). Hung out with that lot and talked about music for hours. Where did house music originate – that old chestnut! top night. Friday should be da bomb. Come along – listed as a £3 door charge, but say you are on the DragonDrop guest list and you’ll get in for nowt! can’t say fairer than that.

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