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By now Eirene should be in Ireland.. dropped her off last night at the airport. I’m hoping to catch her up next week (Van permitting – need some bits and bobs sorting out on her first). Dave is back from his travels. He’s been out 11 months. Good outing by the sound of things. Went out for a couple of beers then came back here with a few people and spent an hour looking at photo’s, nattering and drinking.

So today, I’ll keep busy, or I’ll mope around missing my noisy boys and lovely wife. Got loads to do. My new phone should be arriving today. I had the option on on of these – a Nokia 6230 or these – a Nokia 6820. I went for the 6230 . The thing that tipped the scales was, even though the 6820 one had a qwerty keyboard, which seemed to be it’s redeeming feature, the keyboard was fiddly to use (perhaps more so that the multi function numeric pad) and it’s one of them phones that I knew I’d end up breaking. It’s funny how these things work.. my 6210, which has been on it’s last legs for a while, finally looks like it’s giving up the ghost – today!

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