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Greetings from Ireland. It is a bit hard typing with a broken wrist so please excuse the shortness. Arrived late last night. The kids were so excited they literally ran constantly till they were strapped in the aeroplane but by the time we reached Dad’s my plan of travelling late to wear them out had worked and they slept as soon as their heads touched the pillows (unlike tonight where an obviously knackered yawning felix tried to persuade me that he wasn’t tired at 2100). Today we went to the Zoo. I am not really a fan of zoo’s having heard too many bad stories but after reading ‘The life of Pie’ where the chacter lists some very convincing reasons as to why some zoos do do a good job and the animals are happy (don’t believe me try the book it is fantastic and won the Booker prise 2002). The kids loved it. There is a huge lake as you enter which has quite a few large islands each one had a different species of monkey on it. Alot of the animals there have recently had babies much to my babies delight and Jaygo especially bonded with a baby orangutang who had spotted he was eating an apple obviously a similar food to hers and came up to investigate. The weather was sunny and warm and apres the zoo we all went to my Nana’s for dinner a rare treat as she is the best cook as all nanas should be. Tomorrow we are off to a pat pat farm so more animal tales shall ensue I’m sure. Felix and Jaygo met the kids on the street tonight and all became fast friends. It is so nice to be in a place that the children can play out I love Dragon Drop but it is one thing it does lack. Hope Matt remembers to feed the cats.

Ciao 😉

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