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Hello. It was another beautiful sunny day here in Dublin and my dad

babies and I went to the pat pat farm. I was expecting just a farm

courtyard and some animals to pat but Airfield completely amazed me.

Firstly there were no animals to pat except some horses even smaller

then shetland ponies (the original ‘my little ponies’) and secondly the

whole place was set in acres and acres of beautiful gardens each walled

off and each section with its own theme. Throughout were placed

contempory and modern sculptures seting off the planting perfectly and

intermingled with those art students with water colours doing their

best to represent the stunning scenary surrounding them. The actual

place was owned by two well to do sisters who left it to the state when

they died. It was decided to build houses on the land but there was

such out cry that the council had to change their minds and expanded on

what was already there to create a place of such magicalness that you

forget that only a few walls away is the real world of hustle and

bustle. Afterwards we went to try the new tram system Dublin has

recently introduced. The kids loved it even jaygo who had turned into

the elephant baby after an allergic reaction to some of the grasses at

Airfield. The Luas as it is known was very fast and on time but what

made me laugh the most was at the end of the line the conductor over

the tanoy told everyone to ‘enjoy their shopping and comiserated with any

blokes who might be having to tag along with their ladies as they

shopped because he had been there and sent them all his sympathy and

wished everyone a lovely day and God bless us all’. If only all

conductors were so amiable.

Ciao 😉

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