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Not such a ‘smart car’ now is it?

This was the scene outside Blues Bar Harrogate at dusk this evening when TT, one of the regulars left his smart car parked outside whilst he went bowling – to play for the Blues Bar bowling team I might add. It got worse. A work of art – shrine like candles were placed in a ring around the vehicle, everything from tree’s to flyers, dustbins to football shirts were adorned on said vehicle. I scarpered sharpish before TT returned.

The Blues Bar restaurant – The Blue Nile was celebrating it’s first birthday with a spread of scrumptious Egyptian food, The night was supposed to go down a path of world music and belly dancers – poor old Dharma was trying to do serious set inside. Somehow I think there was a slight distraction. Well done the Blues for remaining to be the maddest place in town.

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