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Good evening the world. Today the internet is 35 years old; I wonder what it will be like in another 35 years. I thought I would do an update on where Matt the kids and I did for the rest of our time in Ireland. Be warned I am still typing with a poorly wrist so I shall do my best to keep it short but interesting. The first day we headed up to Donegal in the North West. I had been told that the scenery was beautiful but was completely taken aback by the sheer splendour of the countryside. Around every corner were huge cloud peaked mountains dropping into vast lakes polka dotted with tiny boats. It did actually bring a tear to my eye at just how beautiful the world could be. That night we camped on a beach and fell asleep to the sound of the waves and the wind only waking to look out the window and check the torrential rain and crashing sea weren’t about to wash us away. The next day we headed down to Clifdon and after getting lost discovered there was a megalithic tomb near by or megalithic coffee table as matt put it unimpressed by this understated Bronze Age resting place. That night we stayed in our first proper Irish campsite. Looking up to the ceiling in the toilets it was almost a surprise to not see geckos scurrying about up there so used had I become to that view whilst travelling around Australia. We continued on to Limerick then to Tralee where we encountered a true Irish festival, ‘The Rose of Tralee’. It is basically a beauty contest with the ladies representing different places in the world and has been going on for many years. I had mentioned to Matt as a point of interest about it but certainly didn’t expect to be dropped in the middle of it. The town was heaving, there were cameras crews everywhere. We even got to watch some of the roses being interviewed. So we legged it the next day free camping in a forest till at last we arrived at our final campsite, ‘Nore Valley’ in Kilkenny. What a great place especially for kids. They had goats, donkeys, horses, sheep, chickens, deer, rabbits etc, wide open space to run about, play ground and hay barn. The children were encouraged to help feed the animals and absolutely loved it. It was with regret that we left the next day and headed for the ferry. Our last night in the van was spent in Holyhead then home and back to everyday life. Boooo ;(

Ciao 😉

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