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Thornborough Henge..

Yesterday afternoon we took a drive up to Thornborough Henge, after I recieved an email telling me that Tarmac are disrupting the area and intend stepping up their on open face quarry activity – the effect being that the whole area will be flooded.

I wasn’t very happy about hearing this – Here is the info I was sent..

The Thornborough Henges are Britain’s largest ritual complex and are located less than twenty miles from York. This 5,000 year old site is comprised of three huge circular earthworks apparently built to mirror Orion’s Belt. The land surrounding the henges is filled with the burial mounds, ritual areas and settlements of the thousands of people who attended rituals here so many years ago. Thornborough was possibly Britain’s first religious capital – it is the centre of the largest henge complex in Britain (18 times the size of Stonehenge).

Tarmac announced in 2002 proposals to surround the henges with it’s gravel quarry – destroying all archaeology hidden in the surrounding landscape and leaving the henges as “islands” surrounded by bogs and lakes. This will not only destroy the look of the henges, but will destroy the settlements, graves and ritual areas of this, Britain’s largest religious construction.

The first phase of this plan – the Ladybridge extension has been submitted as a planning application and the decision making process will begin on the 26th of October – the first planning meeting.

George (Campaign co-ordinator) believes that it is of critical importance to get the online petition as high as possible by this time, so he is asking for as many people as possible to support Heritage Action by signing the petition.”

The petition is here:

further info here and here

So – DragonDrop’s right behind this one – get that petition signed!

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After that we went up to Leaming to watch the fighter jets and had a fish and rice supper, before going to hang out at the anuma-mundi shed for the night.

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