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Had a great day yesterday. Went out for a meeting before lunch, went to the Old Bell Tavern and had some beer and pie. After, went and scooped up the family and went down to the Blues to see part of the charity weekend gig in support of a kids in the rainforest type charity. Rumor has it that Sting turned up to do a song. Not confirmed – I’ll be finding out tonight (I’ve been asked to play there with Dalmatian Kebab and Scapegoat Kelly). After we had been there for a while we took the kids for their first sit down curry – at Ali Raj – top draw curry house.

Cane back and finished a book in record time (for me – I’m usually not a fast reader) I only got it on Wednesday.

A great read. Set in the head of a 15 year old by who has Asperger’s Syndrome. It won the whitbread book prize. I can see why. Anyway… going to ASDA now..

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