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What a cracking gig it was last night. First off – Sting didn’t turn up as I suspected, he’s sent a photo and some wordage to support the event. A classic illustration of how Harrogate’s Chinese whisper mill works. The event was in support of the Leonard Peltier Native Americans Fund. What a top gig! both! I played with Dalmatian Kebab first – “Harrogate’s finest jazz pot noodle” was the closest description I’ve come across. Emma sang a couple of numbers towards the end of the set – sounded great to have vocals in there. Next up was John Harrison singing a couple of covers but mainly his own Drake / Folk / Beatles / FPC esque songs – they were ace. Then Scapegoat Kelly and I assembled on the stage to belt out a few numbers. What a set it was – it started before we were ready – ie we all just started playing and something came out.. managed to turn it into bonus track at the start of the set that we weren’t expecting. Everyone was dancing the place was once big happy vibe. The big happy vibe may also been to do with the charity element, and also the announcement that John made saying it was National “Talk like a pirate” day. Rather funny. Ha Haar. After that we trogged down to Bar Med to see Dharma’s new night – Tantra. Very good it was as well. I’ve managed to get a full days work done, and it’s sunny outside. How good is that.

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