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My feet have not touched tohe ground much since last week! It was my Birthday weekend. Came in from playing a gig in Leeds on Friday (at Velvet) and accidentally came into the front room just as Eirene was about to wrap my pressy… A Carrom board! (what is carrom?) What a great game that is. Played it first around this time last year in India. So – Saturday, my birthday I spent a few hours playing that with people then went to the Circus with the boys. That was cool. Saturday night we joined birthday forces with Fi who was also having her birthday. We went out to Bed restaurant – a reall nice restaurant that does good honest (not poncy) food. Got fairly drunk before heading off to Bar Med, followed by a party.

The next day I got up and got straight into work mode, compiling a DVD for FIRE..

FIRE XI – (photos to follow – I’m flat out on worky things today) was cool. VERY differerent from a normal fire night. Hang on – what is normal, and should I associate that sort of wordage with FIRE? I digress.. an experimental set from producer/DJ/old mate osymyso. Fairly hard to go about the task of describing what he does in his set : this site seems to sum it up..

Well – loads to do, must crack on. Oh – it’s ‘Harvest moon’ tonight and tomorrow – due to the moon illusion, the moon looks bigger than it does normally when it rises at around sun set.

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