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What a fantastic night I had last night. Started out by doing a gig at Dr. Wu’s (community). There was an unexpected warm up act in the shape of a folksy / bragg / Dylan esque acoustic artist – Roger Davies. After that, I played me congas to Brett and Niel’s vinyl selection.

So – after the gig, we went to a fantastic club – Stinkies Peephouse. Intriguing name I thought. The club was like a 3 floored house with a big hole in the middle – the very top floor has a glass dancefloor so you can see down when you are up there, and up when you are down there. The middle floor is where the DJ’s stand is. A superb gallery with a hole between the crowd and the DJ’s looking down (although it was blocked off last night) to the bar room below. Next to that, a garden! Playing, were the fabulous East Coast Boogiemen. x 3 DJ collective from San Francisco. They were amazing. Playing house, but dirty drop beats beats. Very good.

Today I’ve been DIYing in the Van (fitting new speakers) and we took the kids to the time machine (a massive indoor playground for kids) .

Tonight I think we are going to chill and watch the City of Men – borrowed first 2 seried on DVD.

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