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So the weekend felt like we had managed to squeeze about a weeks worth of activity into it. Saturday night we went to Col’s 30th birthday bash – a full on psy-trance party, at Bar Med VIP Lounge. loads of UV decor, loads of goa and psy trance, loads of nice people. It was fun. Then, we went to a friends party and wagged the chin for a while before catching a few vital hours kip.

At around 7am Sunday Felix, the worlds latest 6 year old gets up. Lovely morning. One of his pressys was a spiderman web blaster. If you get one of these, try to avoid pointing it at the ceiling! After a rather smoothly run morning, we went to set up Felix’s Mexican Birthday party at Grove Road Methodist Church Hall. This was fun. I somehow managed to be in charge of the birthday games. Rather fun it was as well.

Wrapping up the day with a few tinnys and a few friends and their kids round at ours.. Carrom board came out and I converted a few new recruits to the Harrogate Carrom appreciation society!

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