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Culture. That’s what I’ve been up to. Tuesday night, we had some free blags to go and see “Ghosts” at the Harrogate Theatre. Erm – well performed, yet rather a dull story line. Good characters, yet slightly…. dull. It’s apparently part of the national school curriculum, so I guess it wouldn’t do to show the entertainers of tomorrow anything too interesting.. but – it was not bad on the whole.

Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited on a brewery visit to the oldest brewery in Yorkshire – Samuel Smiths in Tadcaster. It made me reet proud to be a Yorkshire man. This place reeked of tradition. everything seemed to be the same process as it has been for hundreds of years. Everything about the process makes me think that it is indeed a worthy ambassador for Yorkshire Beer (especially the taste – very bitter, with sort of toffee undertones) The water for the is drawn from a well that is a massive lake the size of Tadcaster, deep underground. Did the walk round, saw all the stuff that makes it, met the horses that deliver it, then got to sample the fine liquid. Very nice. The brewery pub, in Tadcaster was our next destination… Pie, Peas and Chips… and more ale. Get this… £1.20 a pint! Game on. Superb – well worth a night out.

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