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After the fireworks on the stray, we went to another bonfire celebration at a mates village. Tiny little place, just outside Patley Bridge. By the time we got there, the kids were asleep in the van so we transferred them into their bunks and we had a couple of drinks and by the fire. As the fire died down, the stupidity stepped up into the spotlight. A friend, who’d had half a shandy or two by this point, decided it would be a fun game to run through the fire. First attempt OK. Second attempt, decided to take someone along for the ride.. Said second person wasn’t quite ready for the leap of faith and I watched as I saw him trip and stumble head long into the embers. Luckily, only a badly burnt arm and a couple of little burns on his back was had. Remember kids (and as importantly, drunk adults), don’t mess with fire!

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