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What a full on week I’ve had. Pretty much non stop. Went out on Monday night with a client, and it turned into a full on night out. Little sleep later, I got up to do a full day. Wednesday I went to Telford to do some work down there – up at 06:30, didn’t finish work till 10 at night, then up at 7 on Thursday, didn’t finish till 1am, up at 7, worked in Telford till 4.30pm, drove to Harrogate, picked up my wife and drums, headed off to Leeds to do a gig! finished that at 1.30am, stopped off at a Caribbean cafe in Chappletown on the way back for some tasty chicken and plantain!… then it was a well earned sleep in followed by a trip to Tropical World in Leeds to see the fish, butterflies, reptiles, plants, spiders and meerkats etc. and this cool monitor lizard that I snapped..

And today! – what a day! more on that soon…

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