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Cool weekend. Fairly chilled. Stayed in on Friday and played generals (command and conquer). Went for dinner at a friends on Saturday – lovely evening. Sunday – took clover, our van off to be stored for the winter. A bit of a sad occasion because it means that it is indeed proper winter.

No warmth, no camping, no camper.

The temperature seems to have really dropped the past few days. I’m not a big winter fan I have to admit – I’m into heat. This time of year is especially annoying because you have to get back into practice as to exactly how much clothing to use – to much and your wandering round looking like the Michelin man, sweating cobs, to little and you freeze. When you get to your destination, it takes several hours to convert to indoor attire (especially if you have kids) and you create a small mountain of jumpers hats, scarves, coats and such like in your wake.

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