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Just done a massive shop in ASDA. Christened our ‘Pre Christmas Big Shop Shop’ we got a bit carried away. I have a trench mentality when I go shopping sometimes almost like I’m building an Anderson Shelter. Today was no exception. We could hold out here for months now. Enough tins to build a partition wall.

Bit down tonight because the best program that’s been on telly this year is over. The last one was last week. The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman on hulking great big hi tech BMW motorbikes set off on an adventure to motorbike from London to New York the Long was round – via Europe, Asia, Russia and Alaska. Fantastic program. Documentary / video diary style footage or the real people and places of places like Mongolia and Kazakhstan were fascinating. Some of the places they went to have never seen electricity never mind the hi tech toys that the 2 riders and cameraman (also on a bike) carried.

The ‘Road of Bones’ story unfolded. Stalin’s Russia sent all the middle classes and educated sorts… well anyone that didn’t quite fit into his communist utopian view to one of the coldest, bleakest parts of the planet and got them to build a 2000 KM road. The road cost 1 human life for every meter of it’s construction and sadly those who died were buriedunder the road – hence it’s name “The Road Of Bones”

If you get chance to catch re-runs of The Long Way Round, I’d say check it out.

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