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What a performance! The Blues Bar Panto was a roaring success in more ways that one. Roaring crowd, roaring pride of gay lions, roaringly good result for the Special Care Baby Unit to which the event was in aid of.

I’d not expected the production to be quite so good – I never thought that such a small space that is the Blues Bar stage could be transformed into a multi scene panto set.

Costumes – all superb but the TINternet man was my fave.

The score – everything from the Benny Hill theme to a beautiful solo rendition of over the rainbow. Script and direction – hats off to Hugo Speer (Full Monty fame) for pulling that side together. Acting – Sharon’s last minute stand in thanks to the original girl who did actually ‘break a leg’ and couldn’t perform.

Ahh – all good! What a winner, and hats off to the punters who raised (still counting) over £1,500 for the Special Care Baby Unit. Well done you lot – do it again next year!!

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