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Firstly, for those who are interested, mum is doing a lot better at the moment.

Today we went to the Academy Health and Fitness Club. Eirene decided that swimming was the order of the day. Something warm and healthy to do on the last day of the kids holiday. (remember the warm and healthy reference). So after a nice swim, Jacuzzi, steam room and Sauna and such we were having a great time playing games with the boys in the pool. An alarm bell started to ring.. I’ts a fire bell… well we’ll be safe in here… “EVERYONE OUT PLEASE” was the shout form the lifeguard. 30 seconds later, there we were being handed space blankets and told to stand outside! I thought if we loiter we’ll not be asked to really go into the December, windy rainy cold with only a pair of shorts on. So – Eirene and I, clutching our 2 tinfoil wrapped boys stood in mud. Luckily a kind lady said we could put the boys in her car along with all the other kids that had been in the pool. It was probably over 10 minutes Eirene and I had to endure the elements, wearing next to nothing. I’d rather hope that that’s a once in a lifetime experience. Warm now though.. woolly pully.

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