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What a week it’s been. Last weekend I took part in a superb night – The JFK Experience at the Late Lounge, Bar Med. What a night. DJ Johnnie Fredericks mixed up the vinyl whilst Ben Lacey (sax) Al Smyth (guitar) Me (percussion) and Tom Taylor (Human beat box!) free formed over te top of it. I really hope we can do that again at some point…

Warp ( (our local video store) has now got a world film section. Tried out a couple of titles this week. The first, a Turkish film called “Uzak” was very rich in cinematic brilliance but suffered a rather dull plot line. It was all set in instantly, a city we’ve been to a couple of times so that was quite interesting however most of the film was about the inside of this photographers flat. It had it’s moments though…

The Next film we watched was called “The story of the weeping camel” This was a superb film. Filmed in Mongolia – a wilderness place that is still pure and un fairly touched by man. A simple story / documentary of rural family life. Beautiful scenery and amazing insight into a whole different culture. What a nice people the Mongolians seem to be.. I’d watch it again.

Busy worky week it’s been. As is today so I’d better crack on!

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