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Eirene here. Just had a fabulous night out with Chrissie and Fi 😉 First visiting some of the pubs and then coming home playing card and listining to ska while Matt went out for Dino’s birthday. Now awaiting the return of Matt and Co after a night at the ‘Live Lounge’. Earlier had a lovely day today. Matt took Jaygo to ballet so I could sleep in, then we had breakfast in bed and read ‘The De Vinci Code’ and chilled till we and the babies all went out to the Mercier Gallery. Very good exhibition on the restoration of paintings and also a whole section onn quilt making which had Felix deciding which and where paintings had been restored and Jaygo designing his own quilt cover. On the way home popped into blues bar which by the way has been entered into bar of the year competition shortlisted with 6 others. Hope they win 😉 the judges are viewing on sun so the best of luckxxxxxxx Tomorrow we are having a chilled roast with Fi and Ian and kids so should be fun. Take care and everyone out there have a splendid night

Ciao 😉

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