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I wasn’t up at 05:30 this morning. Instead I woke up about 08.00 and felt rough as a dawg. This was a result of Eirene’s birthday and drinking rather heavily. We started out proceedings with a trip to the cinema to see the new magic roundabout film.

Robbie Williams did a superb job on the voice of Dougal it’s got to be said. Good film.. not as obscure as the original TV shows or as I would have liked. Still though.. some nice touches.
After that we went to the blues for a couple before I took Eirene off to her SURPRISE birthday party. Silly idea me taking her to our regular boozer. The cat nearly escaped the bag a few times.. so anyway – off we trotted to the retro bar to be greeted by a wall of Eirene’s (and Colette and Ian’s – it was their b’day as well) friends. Stuck some good music on, had a great time.
After that we went up to Carringtons to have a look at Jump Around. What a little pocket secret that place was to find! heard about it of various people for ages (along with it’s sister night there ‘bottom of the bottle’ – both DJ Trev) Got to be said, not really my musical cuppa, but the band they had on (fast, loud and angry angsty bunch) were v.talented. Double bass kicking drummer, widdly widdly screaming guitars, chugga chugga bass and a shouty front man. Mainly dressed in black apart from the bass player who I think was wearing a dress. Fair play to him. Entertaining stuff. Stumbled from there, into a Joe Baxi then came home.
Today, crept thorough what I had to, punctuated with moments of dithering and feeling sorry for myself. Heavy drinking cannot be shaken off like it used to!

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