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What a weekend. Stayed in on Friday night and had a really nice chilled evening. Saturday I worked then went to set up for the Dalmatian Kebab gig happening later that evening. 3pm meet up time – really early but we all wanted to work on the sound and get it spot on. Hats of to Allan for cracking the elusive perfect live sound in Bar Med’s VIP lounge. Had a run through the ‘tricky bits’ from our set then came home and got ready. The gig was at midnight. I love playing late – everyone is more up for it. Great fun gig, really happy with the sound. got back in, I was in one of those can’t sleep moods so I finished off reading Deception Point by Dan Brown.

I think out of the 3 books I’ve read of his (since Christmas day!) This is by far the best. Anyone that likes the tv show ’24’ would love this book. Superb read.
Yesterday, went to a meeting then went out with all the Bar Med crew on a works night out. Hilarity ensued. Slug an Lettuce then went to a Jam night at the Iron Duke. I got up and did a couple of songs with Ricky the plumber. Nice songs – he chose a Finley Quay number and a Paul Weller number. After that we went to Spent at Revolution then got invited to a party at Brio’s. Watch a bit of ping pong ball ! there then came hope for cups of tea. Now it’s Monday and tis snowing! hope it lays. Right,back to worky things.

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