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27th March, Newby Hall, Easter day party – “Easter Fun”. DragonDrop are helping out in conjunction with Anima-Mundi. Last year was ace.. click here for the drop>> (Sunday)

This year there is going to be much the same with a bunch of new stuff.
If anyone fancies being involved and has any of these skills:

  • Sandwich making / catering (to feed Volunteers!)
  • Drumming (for drum workshop – own drum would be handy)
  • Jugglers (and poi / staff people!)
  • Face painting
  • Anyone who’s good with kids (various activity supervision like egg painting, plant pot pointing)
  • Costume / mask makers
  • Actors / Actresses (various rolls to be played as part of the treasure hunt)
  • Any other outdoor entertainment

    Please drop an email to (please include your phone number).

Further details about the venue here>>

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